CRUDO: WTI 81,53 - BRENT 84,66   |   DIVISAS: DOLAR 940,00 - EURO: 1.033,00 - REAL: 1.810,00   |   MINERALES: ORO 2.404,15 - PLATA: 30,72 - COBRE: 4,38


Equipos de Perforación
Equipos de perforación

BREWSTER Model N55 1000 HP

This rig is in good operating condition and is fully reconditioned.
Many large, detailed pictures are at the end of the rig inventory description.

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BREWSTER, model N55, rated at approximately 10,000 drilling with 4-1/2 drill pipe with model N55 two engine compound and air control console panel, air clutches, one pedestal pump drive, serial number not available with PARKERSBURG type R 36 hydromatic water brake with brake clutch, serial number A5-73.

For drawworks, two CAT model #3408, V-8 diesel engines radiator cooled with electric starters, radiators, with engine skids, serial number 67U9164 and 42084.

Torque Converters
Two twin disc model #11524 -TOO, serial number 42084 and 39013, mounted behind 3408 CAT engines.

Air Compressors
Two QUINCY model #325, mounted on compound.

Derrick & Substructure
LEE C. MOORE, 127 high, pinned type, cantilever mast, serial number not available, with four sheave crownblock, 1--1/8 grooving, stairs, handrails, derrick lighting 4 long, two bulb fluorescent type, with shopbuilt deadline anchor with stand pipe 4 and standpipe manifold, with 10 high substructure, V-door ramp, centrifugal 2 x 3 water pump with electric 10 H.P. motor mounted in substructure.

Mud Pump
OILWELL duplex mdl. 816P, serial number 111-19 with steel fluid end and quick change caps, fluid end expendable parts are all new, with HYDRIL K-20-3000 pulsation dampener, new 4 x 12 vibrator hose, master skidded with power, CATERPILLAR model D-379, serial number 68B2634, with pump drive, V-belts, belt guard.

Mud Pump
OILWELL model A-700 duplex, serial #112-27, with steel fluid end, quick change caps, with screw type spacer jacks, new vibrator hose, shear relief valve, mud gauge, with V-belt bullwheel, belt guard, powered from compound. Pump has all new expendable parts.

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Drilling Line
1-1/8 x approximately 3,500 with wood spool and spool rack, line guide rollers

Rotary Hose
3 x 55

Rotary Table
IDECO SHS 23 X 53-1/4 center with drive sprocket, split master bushing, serial number not available

Block / Hook
Combination, model UTB160, 160 ton, 4-sheave x 1-1/8 grooving, serial number 405

NATIONAL IDEAL, type F, 200 ton

Kelly & Kelly Driver
4-1/4 x 40 square kelly with 4-1/4 kelly driver, square drive with rat; and mouse hole serial number 6927

7-1/2 wide x 20, long round top with knowledge box, bench storage, lockers, heater, lighting, etc.

Parts / Change House
Bottom house with lighting heater, lockers, bench storage, parts bins, 7-1/2 x 20 long, flat top

Fuel Tank
Round type, approximately 2/000 gallon, horizontal type

Mud House
6 wide x 26 long with mud hopper

Mud System
Two tanks, (1) 8 wide x 36 long x 5 high, (1) 10 wide x 6 high x 48 long with erandt single shale shaker, serial number 8S7740, with SWACO 8x4 desilter cones (mud system is not complete)

SHAFFER double type E, 11 x 3,000# with drilling spool


(Did not see) located at different location, 4-station, KOOMEY, hydraulic reservoir and air pump, accumulator repaired.

Water Tank
Round horizontal 500 bbl. with horizontal skid.

Water Pump
G.D. duplex 4x5, powered by.

diesel engine.

(2) Catwalks, 42 high x 50 long.

Wireline Unit
manual spool of wire with wheel counter.

BEAR automatic driller complete/ serial number 63, pin recorder GEOLOGRAPH, serial number 357 one pin complete, weight indicator MD clipper type, with tong torque gauge.

Handling Tools
(2) Manual tongs, FOLEY type B with long jaws, drill pipe slips 4--1/2 WOOLEY, D.P. elevator B.J, model MGG 250 ton, mud bucket 4-1/2 wiper, elevator links 96 x 2-3/4 x 250 ton, drill collar safety clamp with box.

Generator House
with (2) generator sets (3) CAT 3306 diesel engines powering CAT SR4 KW generators. These units are in running condition and are sold AS IS / WHERE IS. They have electric starters and are radiator cooled. They have digital controls separate on each unit, skid mounted with fuel tanks built into skids. Generator house without controls Q wide x 9 high x 40 long with pares roor in one end.
As is with: (2) generator sets and house.

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